Frequently Asked Questions

- How to Measure My Beanie Size?

Beanie have a knitted base, this means that the hat simply stretches around your head to fit. 1 size fits most sizes (XS-XXL). But when ordering a beanie the most important requirement is the height measurement. The height of our standard knitted bases is approximately 19-21 cm (7,5-8,5 inches). This size will fit most heads. If you have voluminous hair, however, or a non-standard big or small size you should measure your head first. Use a measuring tape to measure your head from the front line (just above the eyebrows) across the top of the skull to the back point of the head; one half of this measurement will be your height size. For example, after measuring you determine the number is 38 cm (15 inches), divide this in half to obtain 19 cm (7,5 inches) - this is the size that will fit. If your size is between 15-22 cm (6-8,5 inches) you can simply place your order. If your height size is more or less you should contact us before placing your order so that we can confirm product availability.



- I don't see the currency selector on the top, there were 12 currencies. Why so?


From March, 2022 we offer just one currency, USD $.


- Do you accept returns?


We guarantee the full refund if you don't like the item that you received (You have 14 days after receiving to declare your unhappyness). In that case you must ship it back and when it will be delivered back the full amount will be credited to your account. We are responsible business and we are ready to resolve any possible problem as good and fast as possible.


- What about customs payments?


We send our parcels without invoice, as a gift.


- Can you share any care tips?


Oxidation is the enemy of fur so it is best to store your fur accessories in a cedar lined closet or in an air tight container away from sunlight and extreme heat with some cedar blocks or chips in the box. Do not store furs in plastic bags as this prevents the skin from breathing properly.

As an alternative to using chemical moth balls you may put a sachet of herbs containing 2 ounces each of dried mint and rosemary, 1 ounce each of ginger and thyme and 8 ounces whole cloves in with your furs. Other herbs you can use to repel moths include lavender, sweet woodruff, tansy, and lemon rind. You can buy herbs in bulk at most health food stores. Fabric softener sheets that are used in clothes dryers are an excellent moth repellent. Tuck a dryer sheet inside your fur hat or muff.


- What is the first steps after receiving my furs?


We ship our hats inside out to protect fur along the way. Turn your hat right side out after receiving. Fluff and smooth the fur with your fingers. If necessary you may use a professional quality round hair brush to lightly & gently brush the fur into shape. You may spritz the fur with a tiny bit of cool water, fluff with your fingers, place the hat over a round form and allow to air dry and fluff again. Never use heat drying methods.



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